18 05, 2024

Inflation & the Housing Market

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Canada’s employment numbers are growing however almost all of it is in the government and not the private sector. This is bad news for the economy in general because there will come a moment where the government has to curb its’ excessing spending habits. At that point, they will also be forced to cut government

19 04, 2024

3 Major Mortgage Changes Coming

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30 Year Insured Mortgages Coming Back Effective August 1, 2024, 30-year Insured mortgages will be available to first-time buyers purchasing new construction only. There's no word yet on what the insurance premiums will be. Also, we don’t know what constitutes "new construction." Our guess right now is that it's any unsold/never-occupied, pre-construction or existing,

21 03, 2024

Interest Rate Uncertainty Still Looms

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As spring is around the corner, anticipation of mortgage rates creeping downwards is as welcome as the cherry blossoms Vancouver is famous for. What is the probability that this will in fact come to fruition? The Bank of Canada meets again for the 3rd time this year on April 10. As they have suggested throughout

20 08, 2023

Home Prices Well on Their Way to Bouncing Back

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2022 was a tough year for many Canadians faced with either purchasing a home while interest rates were rising or with renewing their current mortgage while rates nosed an upward trajectory. Prices of homes across the country during this time saw a significant dip – in some cities as much as -20%.  While the

16 11, 2022

Higher Rates Lower Prices

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With the buying frenzy from last year now over buyers are contemplating whether or not to buy a home with the higher interest rates, higher payments and lower prices. Last year was the opposite of where we are today so you need to take the time and see if it actually makes sense to

17 08, 2022

Real Estate Sales Fall as Fixed Rates Stabilize

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Real estate in the Fraser Valley has once again seen sales, and subsequently prices, fall for the fourth straight month. In the government’s effort to hamper inflation’s rapid growth and the harm it would bring to the real estate market they have continued to raise the prime rate. On the other hand, fixed rates