YMS Pro Am Charity Hockey Tournament

In 2021 YMS founded and sponsored the YMS PRO AM Charity Hockey Tournament. Each team in the tournament competes for a charity, with the winning team receiving $10,000 to donate to their chosen charity. During the first 4 years we have donated $40,000 to charity plus additional monies and food to the Abbotsford Food Bank. With the help of many local businesses our tournaments have been a great success.

At Your Mortgage Source we strive to be a leader and difference maker in our community and this is one way we can help.




Here are some other organizations we have also donated to:

SARA for Women: Support, Acceptance, Resources, Action

We are a feminist non-profit society providing safe refuge and community-based resources for women in the Fraser Valley. We promote and support women’s efforts to achieve domestic, political, and social equality.

Our Mission is to Nurture families and cultivate community within our city by providing access to healthy, supplemental food and other supportive programs.

We believe that people should not go hungry. Every person deserves care, dignity, and respect. Many people living in poverty already exercise the greatest degree of personal responsibility. Everyone is entitled to basic needs including food, clothing, and shelter. Public involvement and awareness of social needs will generate positive results

The Imani Orphan Care Foundation

Imani Orphan Care exists to help children that have been abandoned by their families, orphaned or rescued from unhealthy situations. We care for over 150 children, and we are blessed to give our Imani children a family and a future with the support of our community.

Our goal is to raise the next generation of Kenyan leaders by helping them to pursue excellence through education and practical skills as well as helping our kids to become people with integrity so that each child will be a responsible citizen of Kenya.

Honouring life and sharing in grief

The Abbotsford Hospice Society helps children, youth, adults and their families as they cope with grief, death and dying through skilled and compassionate support, education, and advocacy.

Gurdwara Baba Banda Singh Bahadar Sikh Society

The word ‘Gurdwara’ means ‘Gateway to the Guru’. In Sikhism ones personal dedication to living a good life is important but another important aspect of Sikhism is the Sangat (congregation). Not only should one meditate on God on their individual level but also on a corporate level. Gurdwara’s serve as community centers for the Sikh’s. There are no restrictions on who may enter a Gurdwara for prayer.

St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church

We are a community of approximately 1200 families in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The Parish family is made up of over 50 nationalities, and they are excited to live out their Catholic faith with enthusiasm and love for their neighbors.

At Canucks Autism Network (CAN), we provide programs for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families, while promoting acceptance and inclusion through community engagement and training initiatives across BC and beyond.

Our vision is every individual on the autism spectrum to be understood, accepted and supported in all community spaces.

The AMHA is a Non-Profit Society Registered within the Province of British Columbia. The objective of the AMHA is to build our people of tomorrow using hockey as its vehicle.