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litessl_tl_transFill out this secure mortgage application form, or if you prefer, click on the links below to download a hardcopy of the mortgage application. It is a fillable file so you can type right on the form. If your computer has the capability, you can just save the file making sure to check the credit consent boxes at the bottom of the 2nd page. Then you can email it to If you can’t save the file, complete the application, print it out and sign it. Then you can scan & email it to us, or fax it to our confidential fax line at 604-852-3897.

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    Applicant Information

    *Name of Applicant:
    *Date of Birth: *SIN#: Gender: MaleFemale*Marital Status: *Dependants:
    *Home Phone: Cell Phone: *Email Address:
    *Present Address:
    *City: *Province: *Postal Code: *How long: *Dwelling Status:
    Former Address: (if less than 3 years at present address)
    City: Province: Postal Code: How long at former address:
    *Present Employer: *Position: *Work Phone:
    *Employer Address: *How long: *Income: *Income Type:
    Previous Employer: (if less than 3 years at present employer) Position: Income: How long:
    Address: Work Phone:


    Co-Applicant Information

    Name of Co-Applicant:
    Date of Birth: SIN#: Gender: MaleFemaleMarital Status: Dependants:
    Home Phone: Cell Phone: Email Address:
    Present Address:
    City: Province: Postal Code: How long: Dwelling Status:
    Former Address: (if less than 3 years at present address)
    City: Province: Postal Code: How long at former address:
    Present Employer: Position: Work Phone:
    Employer Address: How long: Income: Income Type:
    Previous Employer: (if less than 3 years at present employer) Position: Income: How long:
    Address: Work Phone:


    Assets (Banking Information)

    Financial InstitutionAccount TypeBalance
    Financial Institution 1:Account Type 1:Balance 1:
    Financial Institution 2:Account Type 2:Balance 2:
    Financial Institution 3:Account Type 3:Balance 3:
    Financial Institution 4:Account Type 4:Balance 4:
    Financial Institution 5:Account Type 5:Balance 5:


    Assets & Liabilities (Real Estate)

    AddressValueMtg. OwingPaymentRental IncomeInstitutionMaturity Date
    Address 1:Value 1:Mtg. Owing 1:Payment 1:Rental Income 1:Institution 1:Maturity Date 1:
    Address 2:Value 2:Mtg. Owing 2:Payment 2:Rental Income 2:Institution 2:Maturity Date 2:
    Address 3:Value 3:Mtg. Owing 3:Payment 3:Rental Income 3:Institution 3:Maturity Date 3:
    Address 4:Value 4:Mtg. Owing 4:Payment 4:Rental Income 4:Institution 4:Maturity Date 4:
    Address 5:Value 5:Mtg. Owing 5:Payment 5:Rental Income 5:Institution 5:Maturity Date 5:


    Assets & Liabilities (Other)

    DescriptionValueCreditorBalance OwingPayment
    Description 1:Value 1:Creditor 1:Balance Owing 1:Payment 1:
    Description 2:Value 2:Creditor 2:Balance Owing 2:Payment 2:
    Description 3:Value 3:Creditor 3:Balance Owing 3:Payment 3:
    Description 4:Value 4:Creditor 4:Balance Owing 4:Payment 4:
    Description 5:Value 5:Creditor 5:Balance Owing 5:Payment 5:


    Final Details

    Purpose of Loan: PurchaseRefinanceIf this is a refinance, for what reason:
    Property Address: City: Province: Postal Code:
    Sale Price: Down Payment: Mortgage Required:
    How did you hear about us?
    Real Estate PaperYMS WebsiteGoogle MapsSponsored AdRealtorFriendBus BenchOther
    Realtor Name: Friend Name: Other:
    The foregoing information is submitted for the purpose of establishing credit and is a true, full and correct statement of my financial condition as of the date shown. You, your subsidiaries and affiliates may collect credit and other personal information about me from third parties, including
    credit bureaus, credit grantors and those income sources and personal references that I identify to you. You, your subsidiaries and affiliates may also disclose credit and other financial information about me to credit bureaus, credit insurers, other credit grantors and each other. You may also send me emails with information on mortgages including information on rates, products and other lending information. This authorization is granted indefinitely and you may use this authorization for this credit application and for all future credit applications with your office whether these requests are made in writing or verbally. I may cancel this authorization any time with written notification.
    I accept the above terms and conditions.

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