The government announced major mortgage rule changes earlier this week. The biggest impact will be on those people wanting to buy with less than 20% down (ie. CMHC insured mortgages).

As it sits currently clients are able to qualify on the rate they are paying if they choose a 5 year fixed (for instance at a rate of 2.44%). Going forward though they will have to qualify as if they are paying the 5 year posted rate which currently sits at 4.64% even though they are not paying this rate. This is going to have a significant negative impact on what clients qualify for when they put less than 20% down.

The bigger question raised is what happens to all of the people who have already written offers and removed subjects on new construction that is scheduled to complete into next year. We are waiting for further word from our lenders on how these will be handles.

For a full list of the changes please take a look at the following article from the Globe and Mail.

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